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PEZT - Animal Toys

In this section you will find details of all the animal toys for Zoo Tycoon and the Expansion Packs (as they become available). This page provides an alphabetical listing of the toys which are links to the individual page for that toy.

On the individual pages you will find information on various aspects of each toy and there is a Glossary entry for each of the aspects explaining things in more detail (e.g. ToyID which opens the Glossary in a popup window at the ToyID entry).

The Glossary should explain everything for you but if you are not sure about the meaning then you can use the Questions? feature to explain things better or use the Email button for a personal reply.


Animal Toys List - sorted alphabetically

(scroll down for User-Creations)




Original Animal Toys

Cat Climbing Tree


Advanced Trick Area

Gorilla Climbing Bars


Deep Sea Diver

Large Lion Rock


Dolphin Ball

Large Monkey Bars


Dolphin Hoop

Small Lion Rock


Fake Clam

Small Monkey Bars


Ice Floe

Swinging Log Toy


Ice Keg


Orca Ball


Orca Stage




Sea Lion Beach Ball


Sea Lion Raft


Sea Lion Squeeze Horn


Sea Otter Ball


Sea Otter Hoop


Sunken Log


Tank Filter



Treasure Chest

User Creations