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PEZT - Scenery

In this section you will find details of all the scenery for Zoo Tycoon and the Expansion Packs (as they become available). This page provides an alphabetical listing of the scenery items which are links to the individual page for that scenery item.

On the individual pages you will find information on various aspects of each scenery item and there is a Glossary entry for each of the aspects explaining things in more detail (e.g. SceneryID which opens the Glossary in a popup window at the SceneryID entry).

The Glossary should explain everything for you but if you are not sure about the meaning then you can use the Questions? feature to explain things better or use the Email button for a personal reply.

For ease of reference the scenery items have been divided into Foliage, Decorative and Observation Areas.

  Scenery List - sorted alphabetically

(scroll down for Official Add-ons and User-Creations)




Scenery - Foliage

Elephant Topiary



Giraffe Topiary









Large Flowerbed - Purple/Yellow



Large Flowerbed - Red



Large Flowerbed - Yellow



Polar Bear Topiary



Rhinocerous Topiary Small



Flowerbed Small



Flowerbed Small



Flowerbed Small






Spiral Topiary



Zoo Map






Scenery - Decorative


Bone Bed

Dolphin Statue

Bighorn Statue

Giant Tortoise Fountain

Dolphin Wishing Fountain

Duck Pond

Large Fossil Wall

Fancy Backdrop

Elephant Fountain

Large Geyser

Jumping Fountain

Elephant Statue

Large Stone Torch

Mermaid Statue

Exhibit Sign

Large Volcano

Metal Bench


Lava Archway

Orca Statue


Lava Pit

Sea Lion Statue

Lion Statue

Medium Fossil Wall

Seal Statue

Metal Picnic Table

Rock Archway

Stage Backdrop

Picnic Table

Small Fossil Wall

Stage Backdrop End


Small Geyser

Stage Door

Turtle Fountain

Small Torch

Trio Statue


Small Volcano

Wishing Fountain


Steam Vent



Stone Bench



T-rex Skeleton



T-Rex Statue



Tar Pit



Triceratops Skeleton



Triceratops Statue



Velociraptor Skeleton



Velociraptor Statue



Wooly Mammoth Fountain





Scenery - Observation Areas

Concrete Observation Area

Ice Age Observation Area

Black Observation Area

Metal Grate Observation Area

Iron Bar Observation Area

White Observation Area

Metal Observation Area

Marble Observation Area


Rock Observation Area

Reinforced Observation Area


Stick Pole Observation Area

Wood Observation Area


Wooden Observation Area















Official Add-Ons / User Creations

Amphora Clay Pot



Atlantean Arch


Atlantean Statue


Atlantean Undersea Ruin


Atlantean Undersea Ruin


Atlantean Undersea Ruin


Atlantean Urn


Cloth Observation Area


Desert Flowers


Playful Dino Archway


Playful Bronto Statue


Playful T.rex Statue


Sand Archway


Snake Pit


Sphinx Statue


Stone Obelisk


Water Well


Worn Cart