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PEZT - Foliage

In this section you will find details of all the foliage for Zoo Tycoon and the Expansion Packs (as they become available). This page provides an alphabetical listing of the foliage which are links to the individual page for that foliage.

On the individual pages you will find information on various aspects of each animal and there is a Glossary entry for each of the aspects explaining things in more detail (e.g. FoliageID which opens the Glossary in a popup window at the FoliageID entry).

The Glossary should explain everything for you but if you are not sure about the meaning then you can use the Questions? feature to explain things better or use the Email button for a personal reply.

This section deals solely with foliage that is suitable for use with animals - check under Scenery for foliage suitable for decorating your zoo.

  Foliage List - sorted alphabetically

(scroll down for User-Creations)




Original Foliage

Acacia Caffra Tree

Arctic Birch Tree



Artic Bush

Beach Grass

Baobab Tree

Arctic Grass

Brittle Sea Star

Birch Tree

Bald Cypress Tree

Clam Bed

Broadleaf Bush

Club Moss Shrub

Divercate Tree Coral

Cherry Tree

Dawn Redwood Tree

Feather Duster Worm

Chinese Fir Tree

Fern Bush

Fire Coral

Christmas Tree

Gingko Tree


Deciduous Bush

Glossopteris Tree

Orange Cup Coral

Elephant Ear Tree


Purple Sea Urchin

Elm Tree

Lepidodendron Tree

Red Gorgonian

Eucalyptus Tree

Leptocycas Tree

Sand Dollar

Fir Tree

Magnolia Tree


Foxtail Palm Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Sea Anemone

Globe Willow Tree

Norfolk Island Pine Tree

Sea Cucumber

Grass Tree

Red Gum Tree

Sea Grass

Hard Quandong Tree

Sigillaria Tree

Sea Lettuce

Himalayan Birch Tree

Thouarsus Cycad Tree

Sea Sponge

Himalayan Pine Tree

Walchian Conifer Tree

Sea Star

Japanese Maple Tree

Williamsonia Tree


Joshua Tree


Stove Pipe Sponge

Kapok Tree


Tube Worm

Khejri Tree



Llala Palm Tree



Lodgepole Pine Tree



Mangrove Tree



Maple Tree



Orchid Tree



Pacific Dogwood Tree



Palm Tree



Paper Birch Tree



Pine Bush



Pine Tree



Prickly Pear Cactus



Quiver Tree



Rainforest Bush



Rainforest Fern



Sage Bush



Saguaro Cactus



Spruce Tree



Tall Grass



Thorn Acacia Tree



Thorn Bush



Thornless Mesquite Tree



Trembling Aspen Tree



Ulmo Tree



Umbrella Thorn Tree



Water Lilly



Water Reed



Weeping Willow Tree



Western Juniper Tree



Western Larch Tree



Western Red Cedar Tree



White Oak Tree



Wild Olive Tree



Yellow Cedar Tree



Yellow Fever Tree



Yew Tree






Official Add-Ons / User Creations

Doum Palm Tree



Sand Bush